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Case Study Development Service

Success stories, case studies, customer stories, case history articles: call them what you will, pound for pound, they are probably the most effective marketing communications tool there is. 
Why? Because, in a case study, the messaging is coming not from your company, an entity with an obvious vested interest, but from a customer, a person just like the prospect, who has had great success with your company's product or service.
I've written hundreds of case study communications for companies including Hughes, Marriott, ITT, Raymond, SPSS, Loral, Solvay and many more, and the need I see for them throughout corporate America is staggering, especially as the marketplace gets more and more sensitized to first person claims, and more and more demanding of third party substantiation. 
Often, a well-written, strategically-presented, quote-rich case study can move the sales process forward in a way that an ad or a brochure or even a costly in-person sales presentation cannot.
To help your organization be better positioned to take advantage of these opportunities, I am pleased to offer a service to help you begin or bolster your library of these effective tools: The Case Study Development Service.
The discounted fee of $1750 includes:
  • detailed briefing with you and/or your internal subject matter expert
  • careful review of provided source materials and background
  • additional pre-interview web research as needed on customer and customer company
  • expertly conducted telephone interview with your approved customer contact
  • custom written, high quality case study of approximately 750-1000 words in the format of your choice
  • up to two rounds of revisions, based on consistent direction, are included at no extra charge
Case Studies are so powerful that you'll want to build a library of them to give to prospects, use to generate leads on your website, use in direct mail, pitch to trade pubs and more. For that reason, for any three different case studies assigned at once, the fee is further discounted to a flat $4500.
Note that additional interviews are $200-$400 each, and securing customer approvals and permissions are the responsibility of your company. No other discounts apply.
If you've never developed case studies before, remember: if you have a customer, more than likely, you have a success story. Contact me today to discuss the details.

Gregg Siegel

Business Communications Copywriter

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