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Clients write:


"Gregg is so much more than a writer for us...The effort he takes to learn and understand our business, and understand our clients and the customers they serve, defines him as a strategic partner."
Senior Vice President

"Here's how Gregg works. He asks a lot of great questions, and you start to worry that he's not writing yet. Then the copy comes in on time and you hardly have to change a word. It's all there and it's beautiful. He becomes as knowledgable as possible upfront, and then he hits a home run every time."
Group Marketing Manager
Andrew Corporation

"The article is absolutely wonderful, I'm so pleased with how it came out. It has a nice flow and great style, it is just the right length, and it covers the technical aspects in a way that a lay-person could easily understand it...I have to say I was really happy. It was just right. I really did not have to edit it, which was GREAT. A lot of writers promise that the copy will be right the first time, and it's just not, but yours was right on target!"
Corporate Communications Manager
Otis Elevator

"I really like it!!!! Nice work! Thanks so much for your help, Gregg. It’s such a relief to know that I can hand off a project and it will come back well written and on time (even early!)! I really appreciate that!"
Marketing Communications Manager
RTP Company

"Thank you for sending the brochure copy. We reviewed it together today and we are all very impressed! It’s great."
Manager, Creative Communications Support
Duke Energy

"I think the [latest case study] looks absolutely great…I really like the direction you took it in…I'm very pleased with how everything is going--you're a great resource and I'm real happy that your [mailer] came across my desk… "
Marketing Communications Mgr

"I love it! You have a great talent for pace, voice, and promoting key points...Thank you for doing such a great job on this. I can't wait to send it out to potential clients…I’ll be looking for upcoming opportunities to use you for other business units. You are awesome and so easy to work with!"
Corporate Communications Manager
Merrick & Company

"I Just wanted to let you know that the tone and style of this article are great! This is definitely what we are looking for as far as intranet articles go."
Communications Specialist
The Chevron Company

"You did really really solid work on the values features. We were really pleased with the outcome there. I consider you a great resource. And I find it really hard to find good writers."
Internal Communications Manager
Coca Cola

"Gregg - I read the draft, and I'm very impressed with the quality of your writing and your grasp of the subject matter... I like your writing style. It's nice and easy to read, not informal but it's not formal, I like the way you use words, conversational."
Chairman & CEO
GNY Insurance

"Just wanted to let you know that I have gone through the case histories and you have done a very very nice job with those...wanted to give you that feedback, and again, thanks for doing such a great job."
Marketing Communications Manager
Solvay Advanced Polymers

"[Our] customers seem more than willing to be profiled and I can't stop them flowing out of the woodwork! Potentially, I have at least another three, but I don't want to burden you so let me know if I should use another writer, which I have to say I am very loathe to do. There isn't any great hurry on these testimonials and your style is by far and away the best so I'd rather not use anyone else..."
Director, Marketing Communications

"We received many compliments on the stories you wrote. Folks really like the liveliness, quick pace and awesome customer quotes…"
Marketing Communications Manager
RTP Company

"Wow, do you know how to bring the best out of people in interviews. Amazing!!! I got chills reading this…I cannot wait to have our CEO read this…very pleased."
Marketing & Business Development Manager
ADB Airfield Solutions

"I enjoyed our dialogues. Thank you for your thought provoking questions, which always make the work more exciting."
Director, Research & Development

"Hey Gregg…you did a really great job with the thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! It was great to have you dive right in and really grasp the details of the content."
Account Executive

"I went through and read some excellent copy. It made my day. I think it has the positioning and tone I was looking for...You had a lot to absorb in a short amount of time and you grasped it very well. Thanks for the quick response and the excellent job. I think this is a very, very strong effort and I'm excited about it."
Corporate Marketing Communications Manager
Andrew Corporation

"The [direct mail] letter is fantastic. I absolutely love it! I shared it with the CEO this morning and he was absolutely thrilled. You made me look like a shining star. Thank you so much!"
Marketing Manager
Opinion Research Corporation

"I read thorough the stuff, and it's absolutely, positively perfect in every way. I believe you've captured [our Vision] very, very well...It's outstanding...Good job, Gregg. This looks like a million bucks. I really, really appreciate it."
Sales Director

"Not good, but fantastic. Excellent work here, Gregg. Document accepted 'as is.'"
Project Manager
Merrick & Company

"Everyone liked the pieces you wrote, they were dead on and well done and we really liked them alot...they required practically no work on our end."
Manager, Employee Communications
Walt Disney Company

"I really like the writing in the annual report. It is very positive and warm and there is a real of the company's age and have captured all of the many areas we touched upon this past year."
Executive Vice President & CFO
GNY Insurance

"The speech was very well received and was right on target. I thought you did a terrific job and our Chairman must have thought so also, since he made very few changes...Thanks again!"
Vice President
American Gas Association

"I can't remember when I've been so impressed with a writer or any other type of 'outside contractor' I've used. You promised that the first drafts would need very little effort and you were right. And you were still open to the changes and suggestions we did make. I can't believe how well you integrated all the info we piled on you. It's hard to believe that someone [coming in cold] could do so well with our topic...the writing itself was extremely creative and still delivered the message well...Great cooperation, fair price. Thanks!"
Executive Director
Health Industry Distributors Association

"We have been particularly pleased with your ability to listen and ask relevant questions which lets us know you are absorbing our input. The end result is a well-written piece, delivered on time and within budget."
Advertising Coordinator
Washington Gas

"Timely, cooperative and more than earned your cost-effective fee!"
Communications Manager

"Gregg has proven to be one of the best 'finds' I've come across...he is an excellent writer, able to translate highly technical information into language that a lay reader can easily grasp. He has been able to meet every deadline we've set...I am happy to recommend him to anyone who is seeking writing assistance."
Program Manager
U.S. Department of Energy

"I am very comfortable working with Gregg because he's an intelligent writer, quick to grasp complex subjects and pinpoint what's important...He's professional in his manner, heeds deadlines and is easy to work with regarding changes... I can depend on Gregg—I know the project will be done right and I don't have to worry."
External Affairs Manager
Du Pont Company

"Your ability to work with only a general direction from me and execute the details is one of your key strengths from our perspective."
Vice President, Communications

"You've spared us so many headaches...the work you've given us represents solid value and has been eminently worthwhile... I can quote our Chairman, for whom you wrote a speech without laying eyes on him and from a continent away: 'I'm very pleased with this speech. It's got some meat to it.'"
Industry Communications Manager
American Gas Association

"The copy was in such good shape that we don't have any revisions for you...I really appreciate it, and I can tell you that that's a first for us, so kudos to you. Hopefully we'll be working on some other projects in the future and I guess beyond that I just have two words, which are bill me..."
Advertising Manager

"I think you did an excellent job with this...Don't let it go to your head, but this is probably the best first draft I've ever seen!"
PR Manager

"It was a pleasure having your multiple talents working on this project. Sometimes you [had to be like a] detective or a dentist...but at all times you were the professional...Your writing itself is an important factor to me, but so are your timeliness, cooperation, reliability and value."
Renaissance Communications

Gregg Siegel

Business Communications Copywriter

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